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About Cardno ChemRisk, LLC

Businesses and institutions everywhere are facing growing pressure to improve the safety of their products, services and operations. In today's fast-changing world, it's important to stay ahead of the curve. Cardno ChemRisk can help you succeed.

Cardno ChemRisk is a scientific consulting firm that is respected worldwide for its risk assessment experience, technical capabilities, industry leadership and pioneering spirit. We specialize in helping clients characterize the health and environmental risk associated with complex exposures involving chemicals, pharmaceuticals or radionuclides in a variety of media and environments.

Using state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies, our team leads the way in providing sustainable, science-based solutions to complex challenges and in preventing problems from occurring in the first place. The Cardno ChemRisk Centers of Excellence are designed to accelerate innovation and results, and we often work with government, industry and academia to drive collaboration and best practices.

Nearly 100 scientists with diverse scientific backgrounds – from industrial hygiene and toxicology to epidemiology and statistical analysis – work from ten locations to serve clients in a variety of markets and industries around the globe.

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Risk Management Consulting

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With Cardno ChemRisk, clients get access to:

  • Outstanding knowledge and expertise across chemicals, industries and countries.
  • Recognized leadership in the scientific, government and academic communities.
  • A pioneering and collaborative approach to science that drives sustainable solutions.
  • A strong commitment to meet and exceed client expectations, on time and on target.

Clients also discover:

  • A strong reputation for excellence and innovation at all levels of project complexity.
  • A firm grasp on past, present and emerging issues and trends.
  • A deep understanding of global regulations, from Proposition 65 to REACH.
  • A passion for using sound science to drive progress while protecting people and the planet.


Business Development, Marketing & Operations

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Business Development, Marketing & Operations Services


Business Operations and Logistics Support

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Business Operations and Logistics Support Services


Project Management

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Project and Process Management Services

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