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Pleasanton, California, US

About Boster Biological Technology

Founded: 1993 Type: Privately Held Size: 11-50 employees

Boster Bio is an antibody manufacturing company founded in 1993. We specialize in high-affinity polyclonal antibodies and high-sensitivity ELISA kits. Our products have earned the trust of researchers worldwide with over 5,000 publications citing Boster products. Our reagents are optimized for WB, IHC, ELISA, FCM, and a variety of other applications in cancer, developmental biology, neuroscience, immunology, and more.

Boster Bio now offers our expertise and experience in antibody production to you through our custom antibody services:

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production:
Boster’s talented lab technicians will consult with you during our three-stage process to produce the best custom monoclonal antibody for your application.

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production:
Using Boster’s Custom Polyclonal Antibody Service is a great way to get the antibody you need for that special research project of yours!

Custom Antibody Conjugation:
Antibody conjugation to HRP, biotin, or fluorophore for research use. Choose from more than 10 conjugate options.

Multiplex Cytokine Assay:
High throughput analysis of over 300 cytokines/chemokines.

Certifications & Qualifications

BSL-2 ISO 9001

Diversity Certificates

Small business

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Custom Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Production

Starting at $4,000.00 per clone

Boster offers a three-phase custom mouse monoclonal antibody production service for a starting price of $4,000. We know that there are situations where you are unable to find the antibody you need for your research and Boster is here to help you with that! Our experienced monoclonal antibody production team will consult with you throughout the process to mitigate the risks of monoclonal antibody production. Our goal is not only to make an antibody that recognizes the antigen but to make an antibody that works for your specific application.

Turnaround time: 4-5 months

To get an order form, contact us at [email protected]

Below is our standard service broken down into the typical multi-phase development plan. We can easily customize various aspects of this to your specifications whenever necessary.

Phase 1 Immunization |Timeline: 6 weeks | Requirements: 3-5mg of antigen or immunogen sequence
We can use a variety of antigen types including but not limited to peptides and recombinant proteins. If you have questions about which one is better for your particular needs or want to use other types of antigen, please contact us. Once the antigen is determined, the first stage will begin with immunizing Balb/C mice and ELISA screening of polyclonal sera. You can add additional screening criteria into this step. The sera exhibiting highest titer will be used for fusion in the second stage.

Deliverables: Test bleed report. Optional: we can also provide 15ul of anti-sera for you to test.

Phase 2 Cell Fusion and Screening | Timeline: 7-8 weeks
Fuse the high titer splenocytes with mouse myeloma cells, grow cells in HAT medium and isolate the antigen positive hybridoma cells. In this step we will eliminate the failed fusions of splenocyte-to-splenocyte, myeloma-to-myeloma and unfused cells. After this first elimination there are usually 3000 successful clones left for an ELISA screening for antigen positive clones. This will further narrow the candidate pool to around 10 clones for subcloning. Before subcloning, we will send the supernatant of 2 of the ELISA positive clones to you for your evaluation.

Deliverables: Cell cuture testing report. 1ml supernatant of each selected clone.

Phase 3 Subcloning, Expansion, and Delivery | Timeline: 6-7 weeks
Once you select two clones out of the final candidate pool, we will isolate these clones of interests using the cloning by limiting dilution method. We will expand these clones of interests into monoclonal colonies which are then ready for cryopreservation. We will produce a small batch of monoclonal antibodies using 3 mice via ascites production and purify the antibodies via protein A.

Deliverables: Protein A purified monoclonal antibody 1-3mg per clone; 2 hybridoma clones; 6 months of cell banking service.

Pricing options:
$4,000 - User Provide Antigen
-The most economical solution on the market for custom monoclonal antibody using user provided antigen. Basic screening via direct ELISA.
$4500- Boster Provide Antigen
-Do not have antigen protein? No worries. We will synthesize a recombinant protein for you for only $500.
Custom -Fully Customizable
-Contact us for a free consultation. See details in Additional Services below. We will try our best to accommodate all of your custom requests.
Additional Services:
Recombinant Protein, Custom Screening Criteria, Immunizing More Mice, Additional Clones, Antibody Production, Antibody Purification, Antibody Conjugation, Cell Banking, and Hybridoma Sequencing.

Boster Fail Safe for Monoclonal Service
If a successful clone cannot be found, customer has the following options:

  1. Cancel the project after the first delivery of supernatants and only be charged $1,000 for package 1 and $1,500 for package 2 (will still receive recombinant proteins).
  2. Purchase an additional 10 supernatants for $999. If a successful clone cannot be found after the second supernatant delivery, customer may choose to cancel the project and only be charged $1,000/$1,500 plus the cost of the additional 10 supernatants, for a total of $1,999/$2,499


Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production

Starting at $800.00 per clone

Using Boster’s Custom Polyclonal Antibody Service is a great way to get the antibody you need for that special research project of yours! Not only are our prices very competitive, we also include WB and IHC testing as part of the development service. Our antibody design team has 20+ years of experience since 1993, so we are very well-equipped to help you throughout this process.

This process does not require you to provide the actual immunogen. We just need the specific protein sequences to the target you want, the antigen, immunogen information, and the end application for the antibody.

Timeline – 3 to 4 months
2 weeks for immunogen expression and purification, 2 months for immunize the host (Rabbits), and 2-3 weeks for validating the antibody on Western blots and IHC, if applicable.
You will not have to do anything for 3 months until the antibody is ready.
Then, 1 week to get antibody and 2 weeks for antibody’s performance confirmation. Customer may skip this testing step and get the antibody directly.
Deliverables: Small Sample for customer to validate and up to 1mg of the purified antibody

The entire custom polyclonal project starts at $800 and if an antigen needs to be generated, that would be another $500. The way payment works is that you will be invoiced half the cost when we start the gene syntheses for the immunogen. If you are satisfied with the results, then the other half will be invoiced. If for any reason you do not think the antibody generated fulfills your needs, then the other half will not be invoiced. We will do 3 attempts to create the antibody unless you ask us to stop early.
*Additional antibodies can be purchased at 1mg/$200 until the lot runs out. (This will depend on the immunogenicity and hydrophobicity of the immunogen, we typically produce 5-20mg of antibodies per batch). If you would like to purchase the entire lot together please contact us for details.
*If multiple end applications are requested, one of them turning positive with sufficient evidence of specificity will qualify the project as successful.


Bioconjugation/Chemical Crosslinking

Price on request

Custom Antibody Conjugation Service

Boster offers custom antibody conjugation to HRP, biotin, or fluorophore for research use. Take advantage of our BSL-2 facility and decades of experience for consistent-high quality returns in as few as 5 working days. Antibodies generated from our conjugation service come with the same quality and customer support you can expect from our catalog products.

Request a quote today to select from our conjugation options:
FITC (Fluorescein)
Alexa Fluor
PE (Phycoerythrin)
Alexa Fluor 594
Alexa Fluor 633
APC (Allophycocyanin)
PerCP (Peridinin Chlorophyll)
PerCP-Cy5.5 (PerCP-cyanine)
Alexa Fluor

We accept samples for conjugation with as little as 1 mg starting antibody in solution or as lyophilized powder. For an extra fee, we can also purify your antibody before conjugation. Direct shipping is available. We also offer custom buffer, concentration, and preservative options for delivered products.


Cytokine Analysis

Starting at $86.00 per sample

Multiplex Cytokine Assay

Price varies by panels selected, please inquire
We simultaneously examine multiple analytes in a single sample, over 300 cytokines/chemokines.
• High Throughput

Sample requirements:
• All samples should be Bio-Safety Level II or below.
• All samples should be submitted in ready-to-assay form. Minimum batch size 50 samples
• Any extraction or preparation procedures are the responsibility of the researchers, unless arrangements have been made in advance with us.
• Samples should be submitted with clear labeling.
• Please ship samples in dry ice.
• Sample Types – The samples can be serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant, cell lysate, cell culture media, and/or tissue homogenates. Please provide a list of the samples in the shipment.
• Sample Volume – It is optimal for at least 200 μl of each sample to be sent per array. This volume allows for triplicate testing of each sample.
• Minimum number of 8 samples per array is required.

Turnaround time:
1-2 weeks or sooner, upon receiving test samples/reagent kits

multiplex Human Mouse Rat


Protein Services

Price on request
Request a quote for more information about this service.


Antibody Services

Price on request
Request a quote for more information about this service.



Price on request
Request a quote for more information about this service.

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