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About Bon Opus Biosciences

Welcome to Bon Opus Biosciences! Bon Opus is a NJ-based CRO offering research reagents to the biotech community: our reagents, your discovery!  Bon Opus is derived from the Latin Bonum Opus, meaning “good work”. Opus does not simply mean manual labor, it describes creativity and discovery, as with a work of art or music.

We are a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow. Our company aims to provide reliable and affordable services to the biomedical research community. We provide smart solutions for companies of all sizes and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service. 

Available custom reagent services include:
1. Recombinant Protein Production: E. coli, Mammalian, Yeast and Baculovirus (insect cells) systems available.
2. Recombinant Antibody Production: starting from gene synthesis, cloning in mammalian expression vector, expression and purification. Go up to 98% purity and go down to extremely low endotoxin level (0.1 EU/mg).
3. Gene Synthesis and Molecular Biology:  highly effective and cost effective services for gene fragments, gene synthesis, plasmid preparation, PCR cloning and subcloning, and site-directed mutagenesis.
4. High Throughput Service: AltumMab™ high throughput recombinant antibody production service in addition to our AltumGene™ high throughput gene synthesis technology.
5. Custom Peptide Synthesis

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Recombinant Antibody Production

Price on request

Recombinant antibodies are antibody fragments produced by using recombinant antibody coding genes. They mostly consist of a heavy and light chain of the variable region of immunoglobulin. Our team has extensive expertise and research experience in the field of recombinant antibody production. https://www.bonopusbio.com/recombinant-ab-production

Our High Throughput Service: AltumMab™ High Throughput Recombinant Antibody Production and AltumGene™ High Throughput Gene Synthesis. Bon Opus offers a 96-well antibody production service, which is a rapid and cost-effective process to produce large quantities of antibodies for fast antigen-binding assay and productivity screening purposes.

Final deliverables for our full-scale recombinant mAb production process include:

Gene synthesis
Cloning in mammalian expression vector
Expression and purification
Scale up to grams
98% purity (SEC-HPLC)
Low endotoxin level (0.1 EU/mg)
Delivery within 3 weeks (up to 100 mg)



Custom Protein Production

Price on request

Our protein team is led by a group of scientists with years of experience in recombinant protein expression and relevant process development. The team has successfully produced thousands of proteins in the past, and they are more than happy to take on a variety of recombinant expression projects, ranging from trial expression of rare protein variants, to gram-level production of antibodies and enzymes. The success rate of our team of protein purification and expression specialists is greater than 90%.

Features of our full-scale TotumPro™ custom protein production services include: https://www.bonopusbio.com/custom-protein-production

Low endotoxin production (to 1EU/mg)
Purification process: affinity purification, gel filtration, IEX
Scale up production (up to gram level)
Refolding (for E. coli expression)
Biotinylation service available (site-specific and NHS-based)
Bundle with gene synthesis and cloning work​

Based on the particular nature of the project, you may choose to use one or more of the following expression platforms: Mammalian cells, E. coli, Baculovirus (insect cells), Yeast




Peptide Synthesis

Price on request

Bon Opus Biosciences provides peptide synthesis services. The service includes standard peptide synthesis (up to 80aa length), and custom projects involving modifications. Modifications include amidation using MAPS and Carrier Complex, phosphorylation, acetylation, and fluorescence modification.

Bon Opus aims at providing affordable and reliable peptide reagents. For standard peptide synthesis (less than 30aa), we guarantee a turnaround time of two weeks. We also offer comprehensive quality control data including MS and HPLC reports to our customers. The major features of our peptide synthesis (and peptide library) programs are summarized in the table below:


  Peptide Synthesis Peptide Library
Quantity mg to kg Up to 20mg
Purity Up to 98% Up to 98%
Length Up to 80aa 5-20aa
Report HPLC and MS HPLC and MS
Production Time 2 weeks (<30aa) 3 weeks
Size Customized 48+ peptides


Custom Gene Synthesis

Starting at $0.23 per base

Bon Opus Biosciences offers reliable and affordable gene synthesis. We embrace a simple and transparent pricing structure, with a flat rate price of $0.23/bp for all fragments less than 3kb. We guarantee 100% sequence accuracy. Our on-time delivery (8-10 business days to U.S. locations) rate is over 95%.


4-5ug of lyophilized DNA in the standard vector (pUC57)

Certificate of analysis

Sanger Sequencing chromatogram


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Price on request


  • Subcloning into custom vectors (customer provides vectors)
  • DNA preparation (research grade, transfection grade, pre-clinical grade)
  • Mutagenesis (single site and multiple sites)


Hybridoma Sequencing

Price on request

The first step of antibody engineering is to obtain the correct DNA sequence to encode the antibody from hybridoma cells. To achieve that, all Bon Opus needs is approximately 10^5 hybridoma cells; these can be submitted as live/frozen cells, RNA-stabilized cells, or as lysed cells. If you do not have that many to spare, Bon Opus promises to work with any sample size, down to a single cell, for an additional fee. We work with all classes of immunoglobulins from all commercial species. Our team at Bon Opus can assemble antibody sequences into desirable expression cassettes suitable for transient and stable expression.

We offer downstream expression and purification of your cloned antibody sequence via our custom protein production services in mammalian cells. https://www.bonopusbio.com/hybridoma-sequencing

Final deliverables include:

VH and VL sequence (Option 1)
Fully assembled heavy chain and light chain constructs (Option 2)
Purified antibodies (Option 3)
Turnaround time based on varying options
Certificate of Analysis (COA)
Complete project report

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