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Middle River, Maryland, US

About BioStorage Lab Services, LLC

BioStorage Lab Services provides contract lab services for academic, commercial, and government laboratories. We have been operating for 10 years. Services include cell culture, bioprocessing, freezer inventory, and monoclonal antibody production. Visit our website to see the various kits, antibodies, and protein science reagents available for sale.

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PBMC Isolation

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Isolation
Starting at $150.00 per sample

Isolation and cryopreservation of PMBCs from human peripheral blood

Blood B cells Human Ficoll 400 PBMC's


Biospecimen Management and Storage

Price on request

Short term and long term storage of biological specimens: LN2, -80, -20, +4
Storage: per box, shelf, rack. Quantity discount is available.

-80 Freezer LN2 -20 freezer +4 cold room Storage freeze freezer inventory liquid nitrogen cryopreservation Stool Blood Plasma DNA mRNA B cells Biofluids freezer pro Human Mouse Rat Show 19 more tags Show less


Histological Staining

Price on request

-Mammary gland whole mount staining
-Alcian blue hematoxylin/orange G staining
-Oil Red O staining
-Modified Gomori’s trichrome staining
-Bielschowsky’s silver staining
-Masson’s trichrome staining
-​Picro-sirius red staining
-Reticulum staining

Special staining


Tissue Sectioning

Price on request

-OCT embedding
-Frozen sectioning

cryoembedding Paraffin Embedding Frozen Tissue Human tissue


Fixed Human Tissue

Price on request

We process tumor biopsies preserved in FFPE to tissue cassette or slides.
-Tissue trimming
-Tissue processing
-Tissue embedding in paraffin blocks
-Sectioning your paraffin-embedded tissues
-Mounting sections on positively charged slides or any other treated slides of your choice
-Routine Hematoxylin/Eosin (H&E) stain or other special staining.


Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Production

Price on request

mAb or recombinant protein production using the CELLine 350 Flask. Includes CELLine flask (which is re-usable with the same cell line), creating 3 backup vials prior to production,growth medium/production medium(protein-free),harvesting 5-100 mls of concentrated supernatant (1-5 mg/ml). Note: Ab concentration depends on characteristic of hybridoma line. Concentrated antibody-containing supernatant harvested from in vitro production will be pooled and purified using protein A or G.
mAb concentration will be quantified.

Cell culture Monoclonal antibodies Hamster Mouse


Cell Immortalization

Price on request

Create immortalized B- cells
Create immortalized T-cells
Create Immortalized fibroblasts

Cell culture Blood PBMC's B cells Human


Mammalian Cell Culture

Price on request
Request a quote for more information about this service.


Plasma & Serum Separation

Starting at $50.00 per sample

Plasma and/or sera isolated from whole blood. Aliquoted in 0.50ml increments and frozen. Min. of 30 vials prepared.



Freezer Inventory Management

Starting at $800.00 per unit

Freezer inventory can be cataloged by individual sample (vials, tubes, etc) or by cryobox. We can perform inventory on-site for our local clients or boxes of specimens can be shipped to our facility for inventory. We also offer an annual subscription to our biospecimen inventory tracking system if you choose to use our system instead of purchasing your own. We can help manage the inventory monthly for a monthly fee.

Biofluids Plasma Buccal swab Blood



Price on request

Processing tissue out of formalin and embedding in cassette
OCT embedding
Frozen tissue sectioning

FFPE tissue

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