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About Biopeptide

The Biopeptide Company is pleased to offer many years of experience in the design, synthesis and production of peptides using Fmoc solid phase and solution phase technology. We specialize in the production of difficult custom peptides from milligram to multigram scale. We offer the best value in the industry, producing high quality peptides with a fast turnaround time.

We offer:

  • Personalized consultation with experienced peptide chemist
  • 1-2 weeks turnaround time
  • Purity levels up to 99%
  • Phosphorylated peptides
  • Rhodamine/Fluorescein/Biotin labeled peptides
  • Cyclic peptides
  • Peptide libraries
  • Kilogram scale production, GLP grade peptides
  • C13 and N15 isotope labeled peptides.

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Peptide Synthesis

Price on request

All peptides are supplied with stringent analytical specifications, which include HPLC and M.S. analyses. Amino acid analysis and peptide content is available upon request.

Quality Guarantee

Biopeptide guarantees the synthesis of your peptide to meet all listed specifications. If you are not completely satisfied, Biopeptide will either credit, reprocess or resynthesize your peptide at no additional charge. Notification of potential problem has to be made within 30 days of receipt of the peptide.


Peptides are generally shipped within 7–10 working days of receipt of the purchase order. All peptides will be supplied as lyophilized powder and shipped under argon in a serum glass vial.


Chemistry and Materials

Price on request

Chemistry and Materials Services


Synthetic Chemistry

Price on request

Synthetic Chemistry Services

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Michael Freydkin

Director of Peptide Chemistry

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