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About BioPacific Partners

BioPacific Partners works with global partners to help connect them with Australian and New Zealand innovations from the region’s world-class science in health, food, and agriculture.

Through close relationships with our global company partners, we gain a deep understanding of their needs and bring relevant technologies and capabilities to their attention. At the same time, we live and work closely with local innovators, encouraging our region’s innovation ecosystem to have a truly global impact.

We add value to both sides. Our global partners stand to gain great value as we work with them at any stage – from the identification of relevant opportunities and intelligence through to deal completion. We canvas all local innovation, providing the region’s opportunities to be showcased to a global audience.

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Market Access and Commercialization

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Market Intelligence

Bringing you an understanding of who else is in ‘your’ space with similar technology or a different technology producing the same or similar outcomes.

We look at the demand for your technology, your specific points of differences and consider what other applications may be relevant.

Commercialisation Advice

Combining insights from our extensive meetings with multinationals and thorough directed research BioPacific is able to advise you about the multinational companies that are most likely to be interested in your technology and would be best matched to your preferred business relationship.

We can advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your product and/or data from the perspective of gaining the interest of the multinationals.

BioPacific can also help you tailor your presentation to the audience you need to ‘sell’ to. We are also experienced in creating slide decks that will maintain the message when being forwarded within the multinational company.


Project Management

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Scientific Due Diligence

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This is a service that has particularly been valued by companies producing a product that is consumer-facing and do not have a scientist embedded in the company. BioPacific will research and analyse science/health claims that the company wishes to make, providing references that verify the analysis.

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