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Biomillenia is a team of experts in microfluidics, microbiology, molecular biology and bioinformatics who are passionate about harnessing smart microbes to restore the body’s healthy balance and help prevent lifestyle diseases. Our proprietary technology platform is able to isolate strains of beneficial microbes based on their functional traits at speeds and in volumes that to date have not been feasible.

Biomillenia focuses on restoring a robust and resilient microbiota by isolating previously ‘uncultured microbes’ to develop next generation consumer health products. Our product development focuses on topical and ingestible non-GMO smart strains that address microbial imbalance for skin, women & infant, immune and digestive health.

Our technology platform enables novel approaches offering our partners a competitive advantage in product innovation, time to market, and an ability to deliver novel product concepts to various markets. We commercialize our technologies with collaborators that have industry expertise, manufacturing resources and sales and marketing capabilities to bring new and improved non-GMO products to market.

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