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About Bioenergetics LLC

BioEnergetics (www.bioenergetics-cro.com) is a full service contract research organization (CRO) with experience in mitochondrial related research and superior expertise in mitochondrial respirometry. We provide solutions for customers looking to determine the bioenergetic profile of their ex-vivo, in-vitro and in-vivo projects, including mitochondrial toxicity profiles of drug candidates and customized models for bioenergetic profiles using the Seahorse Bioscience XF96 platform and content imaging. We offer a diverse set of cell models and system-specific stress conditions. Validated models include cell lines, primary cells, 3D models, human derived tissue samples and isolated mitochondria. We also collaborate with customers on the development of novel custom-designed models

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Mitochondrial Stress Tests

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*Seahorse XF96 mitochondria stress test* (OCR and ECAR) AVAILABLE TESTS Mitochondrial Profiles Glycolytic Profiles Fatty Acid Oxidation Total ATP Levels Cell Viability Cellular Morphology EXPERIMENTAL SYSTEMS (but not limited to) Cardiac · Primary rodent cardiomyocytes · Human iPS cardiomyocytes · C2C12 cell line · Isolated mitochondria (heart) Hepatic · Primary rodent hepatocytes · Human iPS hepatocytes · HuH7 and HepG2 cell lines · Isolated mitochondria (liver) Pancreatic · Primary human and rodent islets · INS-1 cell line · Isolated mitochondria (islets) Neuronal · Primary rodent neurons · Human iPS neurons · SH-SY5Y cell line · Isolated mitochondria (brain) Blood · Human PBMCs · Human lymphoblasts


Cellular Bioenergetics

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Cellular bioenergetic profile

- Intact Cell

- Permeabilized Cell

- Isolated Mitochondria

- Mitochondrial Mass

- Membrane potential

Agilent Seahorse XF Analyzer


Cell Viability Assays

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ROS Assays

Reactive Oxygen Species Assays
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