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Prague, CZ

Vitaly Goranov

Head of Laboratory

Yuliya Haranava

  • Positive review for Cell-Based Assays:

    April 2016

    "I am very satisfied for the service and results I got. The lab gave all the attention I needed during the experiments and the results were sent with clarity and on time. thank you."

  • Positive review for Apoptosis Assays:

    October 2015

    "I was really impressed by the level of service,provided by Biodevice Systems. Everything was done far before the deadline, very efficiently and at a really reasonable price. I would recommend to work with this company if you want to get fast and reliable test results."

  • Positive review for Colorimetry:

    October 2015

    "Very professional. They were very very thorough and did not want to proceed until there was perfect understanding of what I expected. Expert advise was on hand. Would work with them again. Excellent results as well."

  • LL

    Lisa LungaroOctober 2015

    As a biologist with expertise in cell culture techniques, I have worked with Dr. Vitaly Goranov since 2012 in different scientific projects. I have personally witnessed his intuitive style and problem solving ability in all the tasks he undertook. Vitaly is able to handle many difficult situations with enthusiasm. He is a strategic thinker and a deeply motivated and passionate scientist. Vitaly is a fair-minded person and possess a warm attitude to the other colleagues, creating a positive working environment around him.
    For all these reasons it is a pleasure for me to work with him.
    Lisa Lungaro

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