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Headquartered in Seattle, Avaden Biosciences operates the largest human biosample network in the world. Our U.S.-based partnerships with over 200 CLIA/CAP accredited facilities provide immediate access to more than 35,000,000 highly annotated samples derived from more than 15,000 referring physicians. This network also allows researchers to prospectively acquire patient blood and freshly derived tissue from more than 7,500 consented procedures per month. Avaden’s clinical partnerships also serve as the foundation for our laboratory services, clinical validation studies, and clinical trial enrollment services.

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Human Biospecimens

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Human Biospecimens and Pathology Services

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Jason Rickett

Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations
  • Positive review for Human Biospecimens:

    November 2020

    "Great Communication. Thorough QC of Product."

  • Positive review for Human Biospecimens:

    September 2020

    "Great vendor service for FFPE cohorts"

  • Positive review for Human Biospecimens:

    August 2019

    "1. From the beginning of our engagement, Avaden was very upfront about what they can deliver realistically 2. Avaden worked with us to pin down our cohort specifications 3. Avaden was always very responsive throughout the whole process 4. Whole Delivery of the samples and associated metadata was very smooth 5. Quality of the clinical data provided was great 6. Very happy with the partnership"

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