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Astro Pak Corporation

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Costa Mesa, California, US

About Astro Pak Corporation

The industry leader in passivation, precision, high purity and chemical cleaning

Originally founded in 1959 by Carl Verheyen and Jim St. Clair during the accelerating space race between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., Astro Pak bore its roots amid the great space technological rivalry that created vast opportunity for the small precision cleaning contractor. Providing services from the first office in Southern California, Astro Pak secured various approvals to precision clean components and hardware for all major missile manufacturers as well as other aerospace clients, which fueled the firms desire to take their chemically cleaning success from the Aerospace industry into several other sectors.

Years later, Carl’s son, Ken Verheyen, became the CEO of Astro Pak and set his sights on an enormous feat – to guide Astro Pak to a position of industry leadership through delivering excellence. To achieve this, Mr. Verheyen was driven to create a great experience for his employees and customers by providing quality service experience.

Astro Pak has grown considerably over the years, particularly during this last decade. From opening new locations, offering new services and becoming one of the largest and most respected precision cleaning & surface treatment technology contractors in North America, Astro Pak hopes to sustain that growth while never losing sight of our most important purpose – delighting our employees customers through a remarkable excellence.

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Chemical Cleaning

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Astro Pak brings almost 60 years of experience and expertise in offering a wide range of Chemical Cleaning and Surface Reconditioning solutions. Astro Pak understands that corrison, bioburden, rouge and other surface contaminants pose a significant threat to production and quality control. To address these concerns, we utilize proprietary chemical cleaning processes and custom designed chemical circulating skids to meet FDA and other compliance standards. From pre-operational to routine maintenance, Astro Pak is ready to serve. In addition to chemical cleaning, Astro Pak offers a range of Surface Treatment including Electroplishing and Electropolishing. We also offer Media Blasting services, including Dry Ice and Bead Blasting.

Please contact us if your system, equipment or hardware is facing a challenge relative to removing contaminants or bioburdens. We provide unique solutions that minimize hazards, ensures a safe work environment, reduces an downtime, waste volume and overall cost.Whether it is ultra large systems and equipment, to small critical hardware and components and everything in between, we can deliver. Our services range from basic degreasing to precision cleaning, meeting the most stringent acceptance criteria.


Clean Room Cleaning Services

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  • precision cleaning
  • passivation
  • oxygen cleaning
  • pressure and leak testing
  • cleanliness verification testing
  • packaging
  • assembly
  • gauge cleaning and calibration
  • professional consulting


Sterilization Services

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Product Development, Testing, and Packaging

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Laboratory Equipment and Facility Management Services

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