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Applied Science and Performance Institute

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Tampa, Florida, US

About Applied Science and Performance Institute

The Applied Science & Peformance Institute challenges dogma in the health, research and human performance disciplines with fresh, evidence driven data and insight. We collaborate with elite innovators in professional sports, the military, academics, and corporate boardrooms globally.

ASPI scientists from numerous fields including molecular biology, neurophysiology, sports physiology, biomechanics, food science, statistical analyses, nutritional and supplemental therapeutics, comprise our working group.

Our body of work includes several hundred published peer reviewed scientific papers, and a 21,000 square foot state of the art research, performance, health and recovery center, right by the beach, in Tampa, Florida.

Our Services (6)


Human Biomechanical Analysis

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Neurophysiology Testing

High speed biomechanical testing for concussions, trauma and neurodegenerative diseases incurred during competition, work, or performance in the field and on the field. No other laboratory in the world contains the equipment necessary to accurately gauge the neuromuscular determinants of an individual’s power, speed, mechanical efficiencies and other potentiating factors that maximize human performance.


Product Development Consulting

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We give life to novel products and specialty ingredients.

The critical steps of conceptual design, R&D, and rigorous testing, are all performed in-house. Our step-by-step specialty development process ensures that products are brought to market in the fastest, most precise and efficient manner possible.


Body Composition Assessment

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Accurate assessment of lean mass to fat ratio, that is segmented with water and bone density metrics, for use in a geriatric, general, and elite performer populations. Latest Hologic DXA Scan technology is used. Excellent for use in population studies, and pharmacological intervention studies looking at ancillary markers (cachexia/sarcopenia) for disease progression.


Product Testing Services

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Efficacy testing of food and supplement substrates from a metabolic, immune, cognitive, endocrine, and inflammatory perspective.

Additionally, testing of diagnostic and performance equipment and technology for use in both athletics and therapeutics.


Outpatient Assessments

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Our unique approach to case studies is to produce thousands of data points, which offer us meaningful insight into the direction, efficacy and processes involved in an institutions technology or product.


Clinical Research

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ASPI takes a multi-faceted approach to research. Each research initiative must pass our step-by-step authorization protocol in order to ensure the utmost quality each step of the way.

Every research design is submitted for authorization to our team of clinical and academic professionals on an institutional review board in order to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality.

Numbers mean nothing if you do not have the ability to read them. Our team of scientists take complex sets of statistics and interpret the findings for precise real-world application.

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