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About Antibody Design Labs

Founded in 2011, Antibody Design Labs goal is becoming a centralized place to access tools, information, techniques in the field of recombinant antibody generation, engineering and design. Our catalog includes a rich line of phage display products and tools for recombinant antibody expression and new products are added regularly. We also offer multiple services in antibody engineering; by using our products directly accessible on our catalog, we have created a unique offering in the field with no dark zone and clear access to clones, samples, controls and associated technologies.

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Phage Display Library Construction and Screening

Price on request

As one of the leaders in phage display technology we will provide expertise and knowledge on your phage display project, advise you with vector choice, screening strategies (hapten, cell surface, protein, peptide) and methods to assay the binding and convert phage clones rapidly into useful antibody formats, including Fab fragments, full IgGs, Fc fusions, etc. Several advanced platforms including Fab library, peptide libraries, and immunized libraries with in particular our llama and our rabbit platforms can be accessed through this service.

We offer phage library screening in conjunction with our phage library constructions services. Please, inquire with your particular project.

  • Target validation: in partnership with the client, we insure capture by the target is effective and optimal.
  • Selection round: Biopanning cycles are conducted with tight control of avidity and target concentration to optimize the selection tree and limit the number of rounds and branches. When necessary, negative selection, competition and off-selection are introduced to focus rapidly to the best and most specific binders. Deep sequencing analysis also available; please inquire.
  • Phage Screen: Operated from master plates in multiple assay conditions.
  • Phage Validation: Multiple optios are available, from simple sequencing for peptide libraries to antibody expression in bacteria and scFv-Fc conversion with transient transfection of 293 cells in 24-wells.

Phage Antibody Library Construction:
Fab libraries with diversity of 1E8 and above can be built on demand with 80% and more functionality. High affinity antibodies, similar to antibody generated by hybridoma technology, are isolated from them by straightforward selection techniques. We have extensive experience in building phage antibody libraries in varied formats and display types. You provide the antigen; we conduct the immunization, design and build the antibody library for you as a service.

Murine antibody libraries.
Phage display enables very selective screens to isolate clones that are not always accessible by classical hybridoma technology. We will immunize five mice with your antigen; the spleen of the best responder will be harvested and used to amplify cDNA and build the library. We can provide you with the bleeds to make your own testing.

Custom Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies by Phage Display
Rabbits are a great source of antibodies; there are outbred animals mounting very strong immune responses to most antigens, including many antigens that do not elicit a significant response in inbred laboratory mice and small haptens in particular and constitute a good alternative to mice when monoclonal antibodies are needed. We will immunize two rabbits with your antigen; the spleen of the best responder will be harvested and used to amplify cDNA and build the library. We can provide you with the bleeds to make your own testing.

Antibody Format & Library Size
We have developed straightforward methods to build Fab libraries from varied immune sources. Our service will guarantee a minimum of 1E8 Fab clones with identical diversity on both VH and VL arms. This is particularly desirable for rabbit libraries because of the extensive contribution of VL CDR3 diversity to the high affinity of rabbit IgG antibodies. We can increase the diversity

Phage Peptide Library Construction Service:

Phage display peptide libraries have become a major drug discovery tool to identify de novo peptide ligands and explore sequence space in proteins. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, we are offering our expertise in the construction of peptide libraries on phage as a service for your research and development efforts.

We are a major provider of phage peptide libraries to the industry since many years; our libraries are built on full phage and phagemid vectors with diversity ranking from 1E8 to above 1E10, with on average between 1 and 5 billion clones delivered per library. We can accommodate multiple strategies to introduce diversity, from degenerated NNK codons to trimer codon technology, including randomization strategies to control amino acid diversity. We welcome all projects and and will be happy to discuss strategies to build complex libraries.

Vector Design & Display Type

A large choice of vectors is available to display your library in varied formats and types:

  • High-Density Multivalent Display on the major coat protein VIII using the phage display vector f88.4 (type 8+8, Smith 2004).
  • Multivalent Display on the minor coat protein III using the phage vector fADL-1. fADL-1 is a type 3 vector derived from fd-tet and similar to the fUSE5 vector that was used to build the first peptide library.
  • Monovalent Display on the minor coat protein III using the phagemid vector pADL-20c or any other of our type 3+3 phagemids.
  • Your Vector. We can accommodate you own vector or clone to build your library.

Codon Design and Mutagenesis Strategy

We carry several methods to control the amount of diversity introduced at each position of the sequence and can mixed them to optimize the quality of your library. A limited repertoire with a well represented sequence space is always better than very large, degenerated libraries containing high levels of redundant codons and junk sequences with stop codons and unpaired cysteines leading to unwanted dimers. We will assist you to choose the methods that best suit your need.

  • Hard Randomization using NNK (or NNS) codons. This is the method of choice to build brut degenerated positions or libraries that maximize the number of amino acids (all 20) but limit stop codons and redundant codons;
  • Tailored Randomization using specialized codons encoding subsets of amino-acids with desired properties (see examples in Table 1).
  • Soft Randomization by introducing a small amount of N mixture at varied positions of the wild-type sequence. This method can introduce a mutation rate high enough to generate codons with double mutations resulting in a better exploration of the sequence space than mutagenic PCR.
  • Diversification to a subset of codons, usually 20 natural amino acids-encoding codons excluding stop codons, using trimer codon phosphoramidites. Cysteines can also be omitted per your demand.

Library Size

The size of the library will be tailored to your project. We routinely build libraries between 1E8 and 1E10 transformants depending on the number of variable positions and the degree of sequence space to be analyzed. Our standard library size is 10(8) in-frame clones.


Nanobody Production

Single Domain Antibody Production
Price on request

Single domain antibody / sdAb / VHH / nanobody / camelid antibody

sdAb or single domain antibodies, also named VHH or nanobodies, are antibodies made of one single heavy chain domain. They are naturally found circulating in the blood of camelids (llama, camel, etc.).

sdAb are remarkable by their unique physicochemical properties in the antibody world: there are single chain, small (12-15 kD), highly soluble, extremely stable and usually express at very high yields in any systems. Camelid sdAb are structurally close to human antibody of the VH3 family, making humanization an easy process.

Antibody Design Labs offers immunization, phage library construction and screening services. We can build a complete library from as little as 4 ml of llama blood. Please, contact us for your specific project.


Antibody Sequencing

Price on request

Getting accurate sequence of the variable domains of your monoclonal antibodies will open up a realm of possibilities for downstream antibody engineering from in vitro recombinant expression to affinity maturation and humanization. Knowing the sequence of your antibodies will protect you from the loss of your valuable clones; it is one of the first steps to get protection of your antibodies through patent applications and it is an important quality control to maintain consistent cell lines for batch production.

  • Clone protection.
  • Patent applications & Intellectual property.
  • Recombinant antibody expression.
  • Antibody engineering & Drug development.
  • Stable cell line quality control & Traceability.

Antibody Design Labs offers a fast, reliable and competitively-priced sequencing service to clone your antibody cell line. Both light chain and heavy chain variable domain cDNAs will be amplified using either a combination of leader primers or state-of-the-art rapid amplification of DNA ends (5’-RACE). A full length sequencing service including complete leader sequence using 5’-RACE and sequence of constant domains (full antibody) is also available upon request. We can sequence from a variety of species including mouse, rat, rabbit and hamster hybridomas or human EBV-immortalized B-cell lines and isotypes including IgM & IgA. Hybridomas are prone to contain multiple chains as a result of cellular fusions involving multiple B-cells (quadromas), non-productive rearrangements generated during B-cell maturation and pseudogenes; we will conduct a thorough and extended analysis of multiple clones to confirm the identity of the relevant full-length, in-frame sequences and eliminate aberrant endogenous myeloma light chains. This is a “No Success – No Fee” service; you pay on delivery of your antibody sequence.

Sequencing Services

  • Standard Sequencing Service. Identify variable domains using primer sets, perfect for routine work during antibody generation and re-cloning as scFv. Delivery Time: 2 weeks – Price: starting from $950.
  • Accelerated Sequencing Service. An accelerated version of the standard service for those in a hurry. Delivery Time: 1 week – Price: starting from $1250
  • RACE Sequencing Service. Identify variable domains and leader sequences; the standard way to assert the N-terminal sequence of your antibody by DNA sequencing and important step to take when translating an antibody into clinic. Delivery Time: 3 weeks – Price: starting from $1450.
  • Full-Length Sequencing Service. Identify leaders, variable domains and constant regions, important to verify cell lines and identify phenotypic variants. Delivery Time: 4 weeks – Price: starting from $2250

Project Management

Sample Submission

A detailed submission protocol will be provided. Information on species and isotype will greatly accelerate turnaround time. You need to ship between 1 and 5×10(6) cells per hybridoma either as a flash-frozen cell pellet on dry ice or as RNA-stabilized cells at room temperature (we provide containers with RNA stabilization reagent upon request). We accept smaller samples 1×10(5) and less and can help you to recover the sequence of dead hybridomas.


  • Detailed project report.
  • Annotated sequences including CDR identification & sequencing traces.
  • Plasmid map of each clone.
  • Spin-column purified plasmid DNA for each clone with a certificate of analysis and package tracking (shipping charges apply).

We welcome discussing the result directly with you.

Additional Services

  • Isotyping service to establish the exact isotype.
  • Cloning & expression of recombinant scFv or immunoglobulin.
  • Binding analysis by ELISA to confirm that the variable domain sequences have been properly identified.

Cost & Turnaround Time

See table above for starting service fees & expected turnover.


Antibody Cloning

Price on request

We provide high-quality cloning service for your antibody in the format that best suit your needs: scFv, scFv-Fc fusions, Fab, Fab’2, full-length IgG and more. Switch variants and chimeric antibodies can be produced in varied isotypes of the species of your choice, including human IgM, IgA, IgG1, IgG3 and IgG4 with either kappa or lambda light chain and mouse equivalents. More specialized constructions are welcome such as Fc or albumin fusions and minibodies.

Cloning Formats

  • scFv. Single chain Fv (scFv) with any linker. The scFv can be made from synthetic DNA, generated during sequencing of your hybridoma cell line or simply made from a database accession number.
  • scFv-Fc Fusions. A convenient format to reproduce binding of the parent antibody with minimum loss of affinity, at best made using our scFv-Fc fusion platform.
  • Minibodies. scFv-CH3 fusions or minibodies use the CH3 domain for dimerization and have a small size, making them a good choice when tissue penetration and clearance are desired pharmacokinetic properties, e.g. for tumor imaging.
  • Fab fragments. The preferred format when monovalency is desired. Fab fragments can be rapidly expressed by mammalian transient transfection using our TGEX vector expression platform.
  • Full-Length IgG. Ideal for isotype switching and chimeric antibodies or simply making full-length recombinant antibodies from any variable domain sequences. Full-length IgG can be rapidly expressed by mammalian transient transfection using our TGEX vector expression platform.
  • Fc Mutations & Activity Modification. We can introduce the mutations of your choice in the Fc portion of the antibody molecule to modulate antibody function and clearance.
  • Fc Fusions. A convenient way to reach a target, retain antibody function and achieve long half life.
  • Albumin Fusions. Often used to increase the half life of circulating polypeptides.


Recombinant Antibody Production

Price on request

Antibody Design Labs offers an express transient expression service using a robust platform based on our set of TEGX™ mammalian expression vectors. We employ CHO and HEK293 cells in suspension culture and serum-free conditions to achieve high levels of expression in just a few days.

  • Transient expression in HEK293 and CHO.
  • Gene optimization & synthesis.
  • Cloning into non-proprietary vectors; clones are available.
  • Multiple formats (IgG, Fab, scFv, Fc fusions, albumin fusions).
  • Affinity purification, buffer exchange, sterile filtration, rapid delivery.
  • Extended protein characterization (SDS-PAGE, Western blot, SEC, aggregation, endotoxin).

A service adapted to your needs

  • Sequencing, Synthesis & Cloning. The place for codon optimization and determination of liabilities, e.g. a mammalian glycosylation site in a CDR of an antibody discovered by phage display. Check also our hybridoma sequencing and antibody cloning services. Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks – Price depends on project.
  • Test Expression. Test expression and binding of your antibodies with just a few ml of culture supernatant; this service is perfect when multiple clones or variants need to be analyzed in parallel.
  • Test Expression Combo. Perfect cloning & expression combo when multiple clones or variants need to be checked e.g. for binding. We clone and express your antibody in just 10 ml of culture on a 6-days run; relative or absolute antibody concentration when a control is available will be estimated by sandwich ELISA. Delivery Time: 4 weeks – INTRODUCTORY RATE: $1250 per antibody.
  • Pilot Transient Expression. This is our standard antibody expression service. This is the best choice to verify binding and optimize expression (cell line, vector, stability). We will prepare the DNA and transfect 100 ml of CHO or 293HEK cells and collect up to 4 mg of antibody (between 1 mg – 10 mg on average; yields are estimates and not guaranteed) on a 6-day run. Aliquots of supernatant can be sent for functional testing as early as 3-days post transfection. The antibody will be purified on protein A or according to your specifications; quality control will include SDS-PAGE analysis and protein concentration determination using spectrophotometry.Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks – Price: starting from $1900

Collection of starting material

A hybridoma sequence (see our hybridoma sequencing service), a phage clone, a scFv or a Fab sequence, a sequence from your repository or simply a GenBank accession number is required to start the project.


  • Detailed project report.
  • Purified antibody.
  • Aliquoted to your specifications and in the buffer of your choice.
  • Certificate of analysis.
  • Plasmid DNA for each construct available on request (charges may apply).

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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

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Protein Services

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Antibody Services

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Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Development

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