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Animal Models Shared Resource (AMSR) - Zebrafish

60 Orders Completed
Washington, District of Columbia, US

Eric Glasgow


Matthew Swift

  • Positive review for Zebrafish Xenograft:

    February 2020

    "It was a pleasure working with AMSR. They were very responsive to our needs and went the extra mile to ensure our studies were successfully executed."

  • Positive review for Zebrafish Genome Editing:

    February 2017

    "I would like to work with Animal Models Shared Resource (AMSR) through Science Exchange again. They did the best on research, serve us, and answering all of our questions. Thank you, Dr. Eric and Ms. Lauren. Wendy Prabowo Aquatic Genomics and Breeding Lab"

  • Positive review for Zebrafish Genome Editing:

    December 2016

    "Always with clear explanations and helpful. . I truly recommend the service. ."

  • Positive review for Zebrafish Morpholino Injection:

    November 2016

    "very good standard of work."

  • Positive review for Zebrafish Morpholino Injection:

    May 2016

    "excellent service and very reasonably priced. An extremely valuable collaborator."

  • Positive review for Transgenic Zebrafish Development:

    November 2015

    "We are very satisfied with the work done for us and are planning on using them for another project."

  • Positive review for Zebrafish Morpholino Injection:

    January 2015

    "Outstanding service - provided key scientific insights, great flexibility and incredibly quick results."

  • BW

    Brian WalcottOctober 2016

    100% positive experience with this lab. Their expertise in the zebrafish model is obvious and the experiments were conducted timely and as described. Images/deliverables were of the highest quality. Hope to work with again in the future.

  • AL

    Adrian ListonDecember 2014

    I found this laboratory through Science Exchange and the commissioned project has been carried out extremely fast and to an outstanding scientific level. I would highly recommend this service provider to other researchers.

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