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About AfriVax, Inc.

AfriVax, Inc. is a U.S.A. corporation that researches, develops, and manufactures biological products. A global health partner in the search for effective biopharmaceutical solutions. Our mission is to develop safe, efficacious vaccine, diagnostic, and therapeutic products to aid in the fight against global threats to human and animal health.

AfriVax, Inc. uses bioinformatics and gene technologies to develop biological products. We offer CRO services for genetic design and engineering of your DNA, RNA or Protein molecule and for translating the best candidates into commercial products-- vaccines, diagnostics, biologics or research reagents.

Our AdCEV™/ Egg production platform uses fertilized hen eggs as a biological substrate for making proteins. Working with eggs offers easy scale-up, competitive yields, and easy deployment in small, medium, or large-scale production facilities.


  • BSL-2 Laboratory
  • Active Non-Production Lab Certificate from FDNY (New York City, NY)
  • Hazardous Waste Audit & Removal Contract with Triumvirate, Inc.

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Recombinant Protein Expression

Starting at $3,495.00 per clone

We can express your protein in hen eggs.

AfriVax AdCEV™ vectors can provide an efficient and convenient way to make high fidelity recombinant proteins. AdCEV™ are eukaryotic vectors that extend the range of high-value proteins that can be produced in eggs for research, drug discovery and commercialization. We can express proteins for research, diagnostics, subunit vaccines, VLPs, recombinant antibodies, and other molecular constructs.

Our service follows three easy steps:

  1. DESIGN. At the molecular sequence level, we design molecules that will meet your goals for structure, function, enzymic activity, and ease of purification.

  2. CONSTRUCT. You send us the coding sequence (CDS) DNA for your desired product. We make AdCEV™ DNA vector constructs incorporating your coding sequences according to the DESIGN. A full array of technologies can be incorporated in the construction of vectors to optimally express your designed molecule (tags, foldons, codon optimization, etc).

  3. PRODUCTION. We introduce constructs into SPF eggs, incubate and harvest alantoic fluid that can be examined by SDS-PAGE and Western Blotting as a first step in characterization. We deliver nano-filtered fluid to you for testing. Production of protein in eggs can be done with half a dozen eggs up to 5000 eggs depending on your needs. Scale-up is simply a matter of using more eggs!

With the easy scale-up offered by eggs, we can help you develop dependable production of a high quality product at low cost. Expressing your protein with AdCEV™ Vectors can provide an inexpensive way to produce milligram amounts of recombinant protein in a production system that offers many attractive benefits including:

-- Rapid cloning and expression.
-- Potential for milligrams of protein/egg.
-- Short production time- 72 h.
-- High fidelity eukaryotic post-translational processing.
-- Simplified purification from allantoic fluid.
-- Easy, rapid scale-up. with high level of biosafety.

You can rely on decades of vaccine manufacturing experience with eggs if you intend to go on and develop a commercial recombinant product (please enquire). Working with our technologies can reduce the financial risk of developing recombinant products.



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Protein Production

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Protein Services

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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

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