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About Aelian Biotechnology

Aelian Biotechnology combines CRISPR screening with single-cell sequencing, leveraging two transformative technologies to enable genetic screening for complex phenotypes. We utilize the CRISPR screening workflow to map the impact of thousands of genetic perturbations on the global transcriptome at single-cell resolution, thus effectively establishing a paradigm for next generation CRISPR screens. Our powerful approach has broad applications in identifying novel drug targets or elucidating unknown mechanisms of actions of drugs.

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CRISPR Screening

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CRISPR screening (knock-out, CRISPRa/i) with conventional fitness or advanced FACS-based or single-cell transcriptomics read-out (single-cell CRISPR or CROP-seq screening)

Applications are studies for disease mechanism, target deconvolution and mechanism-of-action of drugs

  • production of CRISPR gene-edited cell lines e.g. Cas-9 expressing cell lines
  • production of lentiviral libraries for CRISPR screening


In vitro Genetic Screening

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In vitro Genetic Screening Services


Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering Services

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