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Advanced Genetic Mapping

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Morrisville, North Carolina, US

About Advanced Genetic Mapping

At Advanced Genetic Mapping, we specialize in custom OEM services for the biological sciences. From bespoke formulations to plating to supply chain management, we have solutions which reduce the management time, improve process performance and reduce the capital expense associated with scaling up biological projects.

We use a custom robotic process in a sterile environment to track all samples throughout the production process coupled with custom dispensing and gravimetric analysis to ensure that all products are filled accurately. In the cases where we manufacture the dispensed solution, we have automated in line sensors to ensure product is manufactured to the same specifications every time. All of our equipment has built in redundancy to ensure that all deliveries can be filled on time every time. Finally, if requested, we have cold storage facilities and software solutions to ensure that we can make a single batch of product and ship to multiple locations on multiple dates on your schedule.

In addition to our production capabilities we also have specific research and development capabilities. For example we have developed a series of plastics coated with a mixture of polymers which facilitates the beading of the liquid on the bottom of the well. This polymer has no impact on PCR or cellular longevity. We have also developed novel formulations of cell media which improve their processing in high throughput genotyping.

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