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Admera Health LLC

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South Plainfield, New Jersey, US
  • Positive review for Whole Exome Sequencing (WES):

    February 2020

    "Admera Health personnel were knowledgeable, helpful, and prompt. They gave high quality service and assisted me with understanding every step of the process to get my samples sequenced."

  • Positive review for 16S rRNA Sequencing:

    May 2019

    "Would highly recommend working with Admera Health LLC! They were very helpful with helping me set up which 16S rRNA analysis would be best for my needs. They were exceptionally easy to work with and quick to respond to any questions! I look forward to using them for my future 16S rRNA needs."

  • Positive review for qPCR:

    February 2018

    "On time, analysis well explained"

  • Positive review for Whole Genome Sequencing:

    December 2017

    "It was a pleasure to work with Admera Health. Fast service, quality data and transparent communications."

  • Positive review for RNA Sequencing:

    May 2017

    "They performed a very good job with my RNAseq project. They were always available to answer questions and clarify issues."

  • Positive review for 16S rRNA Sequencing:

    February 2017

    "Great service! Everything was in time and the analysis was finished even earlier than initially projected. The price is very reasonable."

  • Positive review for Whole Genome Sequencing:

    January 2017

    "Reasonable pricing and quick turnaround. Will recommmend and reuse."

  • Positive review for Whole Exome Sequencing (WES):

    December 2016

    "Quick and efficient communication. Flexible on quotes. Provided everything needed from saliva tubes, shipping labels, raw data, and important metadata for downstream analyses."

  • Positive review for 16S rRNA Sequencing:

    August 2016

    "Very responsive to email great customer service and a very fast turn around time. I highly recommend and will use them again!"

  • Positive review for Biomarker Analysis:

    July 2016

    "Admera Health LLC is very Professional and helpful. They are very responsive to questions and are very helpful. i would highly recommend the company."

  • Positive review for 16S rRNA Sequencing:

    July 2016

    "Highly professional, responsive and dilligent."

  • Positive review for Breast Cancer Gene Panel:

    June 2016

    "The team working at Admera possesses a unique combination of extreme professionalism and commitment to deliver the highest quality services. This was my first order with this company, and I definitely will consider them in future projects. Several key characteristics that made me as satisfied with their services include, but not limited to: 1. Speed of results generation 2. Thorough quality check of samples and results 4. Comprehensive reporting and delivery of raw data 3. Extreme helpfulness and fast communication Finally, I would like to thank all members of Admera with whom I communicated during this period for a wonderful job and promising results."

  • Positive review for Whole Exome Sequencing (WES):

    May 2016

    "Admera health was very professional with a quad whole exome study that we were conducting on their Nextseq 500 platform. Samples were prepared well and we received results within a week of getting all our samples to them. We also ran two identical samples to determine the consistency of their platform and library preparation and we only had about 5 new SNP in each sample which is consistent with what we expected. Overall I would highly recommend this service and will be using them again for future WES needs."

  • Positive review for 16S rRNA Sequencing:

    March 2016

    "The company did 16S rRNA gene profiling by sequencing V3 and V4 regions. DNA purification and sequencing were done within two weeks. The coverage between samples were quite even with more than a million reads per sample. Sequence quality was excellent. The company was proactive in communication with me as well."

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