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ACT Genomics

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Taipei, TW

About ACT Genomics

We are the world's leading cancer solution provider. Based in Taiwan, we also provide effective services through our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo. Joint by experts from the field of cancer biology, cancer genomics and bioinformatics, we provide optimal cancer treatment plan, cancer relapse and drug resistance monitoring as well as cancer risk assessment and immunotherapy evaluation. We are dedicated to provide every cancer patient personalized genomic information based-treatment plans through our cutting-edge Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform, medical report and integrated services.


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Drug Development

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Under our CAP-accredited next generation sequencing laboratory, along with an experienced in-house bioinformatics team, ACT Genomics understands the challenges faced by pharmaceuticals today and is confident to provide services to accelerate the process of oncology drug development by identify biomarker for targeted therapies, immune checkpoint inhibitors (tumor mutational burden) and companion diagnostic (CDx).

With the superior sensitivity and have a quick turn-around time, ACT Genomics is devoted to providing clinical-grade, reliable results for drug development. Our current biopharma projects include:

  • Investigational assay development
  • Biomarker identification
  • Patient stratification
  • Comprehensive cancer molecular analysis
  • Consultation

Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics Oncology


Neoantigen Identification

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Neoantigen Ranking System and Service

The neoantigen identification process consists of conducting whole exome sequencing (WES) for tumor-normal-paired samples, detecting somatic nonsynonymous mutations, identifying mutated epitope, typing the HLA of the sample, and neoantigen ranking using artificial intelligence, biology knowledge, and manual curation. A list of peptide which likely to elicits immune response will be provided.

Sample type:

  1. FFPE tumor tissue sample (with >30% tumor purity), AND
  2. PBMC sample

Turn-around Time:
45 calendar days after receiving qualified samples

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ACTBRCA® / ACTBRCA® HRD Breast Cancer Test

ACTBRCA® / ACTBRCA® HRD are genetic tests that can determine whether the patient is carrying BRCA mutations or other HRR-related mutations, helping physicians to evaluate whether the patient is likely to benefit from PARP inhibitors. Our tests cover more mutation types compared to common BRCA tests, and provide more complete information for physicians to decide if a PARP inhibitor is right for you.

Suitable for: Ovarian cancer patients, breast cancer patients
Turnaround Time: 14 calendar days

ACTFusion™ Genomic Profiling

ACTFusion™ tests 31 fusion genes and 182 fusion transcripts highly relevant to targeted therapy, maximize utilization of limited specimen and help all solid tumor patients find suitable targeted therapies in a short time. Cancer genetic testing provide comprehensive genetic mutation information and help physicians and patients to seize the opportunities to treat cancer precisely.

Besides genetic alterations such as point mutation, insertion and deletion in cancer cell, fusion gene formed by chromosomal translocation will lead to tumor growth. Fusion gene is the new biomarker of cancer treatment, including different transcripts, and over 10% fusion genes were found in NSCLC and over 15% were found in Thyroid cancer. Latest research shows that cancer patients with NTRK1/2/3 fusion from 17 cancer types saw effective tumor shrinkage, and the first tumor agnostic treatment for those with TRK fusion was approved by U.S. FDA in 2018 November.

Patients with ALK, ROS1, NTRK 1/2/3 fusion can control cancer cell via targeted therapy, while patients with RET, MET, NRG1 fusion can join global clinical trials. Before finding more targeted therapies options, it is necessary to consider which testing is more helpful to your overall treatment plan. Evaluate if your disease is suitable for separate single gene testings with multiple biopsies or a comprehensive multi-gene testing all at once, please be aware that your sample volume will also influence the suitable genetic testing you can choose.

∙ Suitable for:  All solid tumors
∙ Sample types: Tissue samples
∙ Turnaround time: 14 calendar days after qualified samples are received

ACTDrug+ Targeted Genomic Profiling

ACTDrug®+ is a cancer genomic profiling test that sequences 40 important genes associated with targeted therapies that are FDA approved. Compared to screening one gene at a time (single gene tests), ACTDrug®+ saves time and tissue samples, and most importantly, provides more information for physicians to identify the most suitable therapy based on each patient's genetic alterations.

∙ Suitable for: Lung cancer and other solid tumors
∙ Sample types: Tissue samples
∙ Turnaround time: 12 calendar days after samples are received

ACTOnco+ Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

ACTOnco®+ is a comprehensive cancer genomic profiling service that covers 440 cancer-related genes to uncover the mechanism your cancer uses to grow and find the most appropriate tailored therapy.

ACTOnco+ is most suitable for patients with solid tumors. 

■ Patients newly diagnosed with complex cancer type
■ Recurrent and metastastic cases
■ Patients searching for treatment (and trials) options
■ Patients diagnosed with advanced cancer or late-stage cancer
Sample types
Typical tissue samples include FFPE (formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded) tissue, excessive body fluids associated with cancers such as pleural effusion or ascites, etc.

**Tumor Microenvironment Gene Expression Profiling (ACT_TME)** ACT_TME is an RNA-based immune profiling assay that enables the characterization of tumor-immune microenvironment beyond traditional “immune-filtrated” or “non-immune-filtrated” classification, providing insights to facilitate immune-oncology drug development. 1. Profiles > 90 cancer genes to evaluate immunotherapy 2. Proprietary chip-based multiplex qPCR platform 3. Fast turnaround time 4. Accommodates highly degraded specimens with low inputs Sample Type: 1. FFPE tumor tissue sample 2. Total RNA 3. Fragmented RNA 4. Cell lysates Time to Result: 3 hrs


Biomarker Analysis

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