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Ljubljana, SI

About Acies Bio

Founded: 2006 Type: Privately Held Size: 11-50 employees

ACIES BIO is a biotechnology contract research organization offering state-of-the-art R&D services to pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, and food industries. We provide full support from idea conceptualization through research to product development.

Combining all key aspects of microbial technology development under one roof is one of our key advantages for rapidly and efficiently generating value of our clients’ R&D assets. Interdisciplinary research teams rapidly transfer new findings and successful approaches among production strain improvement, media and bioprocess development, scale-up and DSP/isolation development, assuring fastest progress towards final goals.

Working with some of the largest international companies, we provide to our clients full R&D support both in our laboratories as well as on-site at the client’s facilities.

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Microbial Strain Development

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With decades of industrial experience, we carry out all projects with constant consideration of constraints and limitations of the final project goal (e.g. target compount titer increase; impurity profile improvement). Starting from project design and high-throughput microliter scale cultivation through bioprocess development in laboratory bioreactors through DSP development.

Non-GMO directed evolution is an essential part of successful strain engineering. We fine tune key parameters of chemical and physical mutagen exposure for each strain, from common cell factories like E. coli and S. cerevisiae to physiologically most complex bioactive (secondary) metabolite producing organisms (e.g. actinomycetes, Streptomyces, Myxobacteria). To assure fast progress and optimal use of resources, we constantly optimize high-throughput screening conditions, achieving a fine balance between robustness of cultivation in μL-mL volumes (utilizing our proprietary microfluidics platform to process millions of strains per day) and correlation with industrial-scale conditions.


Fermentation Process Optimization

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To fully exploit the potential of developed microbial strains, we consider bioprocess development steps from very early stages of the project. Optimal media ingredients are selected based on detailed understanding of strains’ physiological parameters and using production partner’s existing sources wherever possible. With scale-up starting from 5L, and increasing through 30L to 150L bioreactors, we ensure stepwise optimization of key bioprocess parameters and finally smooth bioprocess transfer to production site which we facilitate. The scale-up can also be performed in our technology demonstration facility that has up to 10 m3 bioreactors.


Metabolic Engineering

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Based on our in-depth knowledge of microbial physiology and biosynthetic pathways, insight from key analytical data and “omics” analyses, we conceptualize a comprehensive metabolic engineering or synthetic biology strategy for each project. We complement standard cloning procedures with DNA synthesis, in vitro and in vivo recombineering, strain-specific genetic tools and ABClone, Acies Bio proprietary cloning vectors for cloning large fragments of up to several 100 kb of DNA. We have proprietary host chassis strains (e.g. Yarrowia, Bacillus, Streptomyces) available for production of various compound classes as well as for heterologous expression of polyketides, peptides, and proteins.


Bioprocess Development and Scale-Up

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With decades of experience in industrial fermentation development, we focus on space-time-yield performance already during the R&D phase. Straightforward analytics of key parameters is established and constraints of downstream processing steps taken into account. We incorporate innovative, circular economy inspired solutions to achieve maximum eco-efficiency. We provide our production partners with confidence of achieving optimal use of resources and minimizing manufacturing costs of target products.

Our technology demonstration facility is a stand-alone, having five 200L, two 2,000L, and two 10,000L bioreactors on-site, coupled with various DSP equipment for biomass separation, extraction, chromatography, and drying.


Downstream Processing

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Initiating the development of downstream processing steps early on in development of bioprocess technologies is one of the key advantages of Acies Bio. Our expertise ranges from simplest inactivated biomass based products to multi-step isolation and purification of target molecules with API grade purity. We always aim for the right balance between purity of the material and acceptable price of the final product, based on the requirements of each market segment.

DSP development is always done with industrial scale in mind, taking into account the equipment and expertise available in  partner’s production facilities. Diverse centrifugation or filtration-based approaches for biomass separation are followed by solid-liquid and/or liquid-liquid extractions and finally, in most demanding applications, by classical chromatography or preparative HPLC. Downstream development is fully supported by a wide range of readily available in-house analytics.

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