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ACGT, Inc. (CLIA Compliant)

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Wheeling, Illinois, US

Emiliya Botvinik

Molecular Biologist

Hargeet Brar

Manager, Molecular Biology

David Cook

General Counsel

Olivia Kim

Manager, Finances and Accounting

Sandeep Kothapally Hanok

Assistant Manager, Quality Assurance

Samuel Moijueh

Bioinformatics Analyst

Siby Philip

Manager, DNA Sequencing and Quality Assurance

Semyon Rubinchik

Scientific Director

Wei Zhu

Bioinformatics Scientist

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  • Positive review for Whole Genome Sequencing:

    December 2016

    "They were fast, professional and helpful in all ways."

  • Positive review for Whole Genome Sequencing:

    May 2016

    "Great service. Love the prompt responses and the explanations. My only wish is that the assembled FASTA files were complementary. Nevertheless, I would recommend this company g for the quick turn around, prompt and clear communication and a slightly competitive cost for WGS...not so much the cost for analysis."

  • Positive review for Metagenomics:

    September 2015

    "ACGT uses well-established kits and standard protocols. They have been very helpful in trying to trouble-shoot problems during the protocols. Their experience in NGS is reliable."

  • Negative review for Whole Genome Sequencing:

    September 2015

    "When I first accepted a quote for whole genome sequencing and analysis including SSR mining, I did so based on their estimated turn-around time of 2-3 weeks. Four weeks after ACGT, Inc. had checked the quality of the DNA sample that I had sent, I checked in to see where things stood with my order, expecting that my data would be ready. A representative from ACGT, Inc. responded that their sequencing machine was currently down and they had not been able to proceed. I finally received my sequencing data and analysis on 7/22/15, nearly 4 weeks later than their three week estimate. Upon inspection of the analysis their team provided, I found that the paired-end reads had not been assembled prior to mining for SSRs, which led to major redundancy issues. Using the same search parameters as ACGT, Inc., I was able to find approximately 37,000 SSRs as opposed to the 2.8million found by ACGT, Inc. To be fair, when I brought my concerns to their team, they did work to address this issue and reduced the amount charged for analysis. That said, I am unable to recommend their services. As for Science Exchange, I worked with Risha Shah, who was highly supportive throughout this process."

  • Positive review for Metagenomics:

    August 2015

    "Members of this lab were extremely responsive and knowledgeable. They dedicated time to answer detailed questions and even suggest good solutions based on their expertise. The price was also very competitive."

  • Positive review for RNA Sequencing:

    December 2013

    "Thank you ever so much!"

ACGT, Inc. (CLIA Compliant) has not received any endorsements.