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About Genome Sciences Core

The Genome Sciences Core (GSC), a part of Wayne State University School of Medicine’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is newly restructured and offers a streamlined set of services that includes competitive pricing with built-in quality assurance standards.  Housed on the ground floor of the C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development, the GSC is a state-of-the-art, fee-for-service genomics center that provides a wide range of genomic technologies to the medical research community. The GSC personnel are available to work with investigators to optimize experiments to meet their scientific goals.

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DNA Extraction and Purification

Price on request

Full service DNA purification from tissue, cell pellets, whole blood, buffy coat, and saliva (mouthwashes or ORAgene®). Please contact us for specific sample submission requirements. 

DNA Extraction and Purification from Dried Blood Spots also available.


FFPE DNA Extraction

Starting at $36.00 per sample

DNA or RNA Extraction and Purification from FFPE



Quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction
Price on request

Quantitative rt-PCR using Applied Biosystems Taqman Gene Expression assays. Pricing based on volume. 


SNP Microarray

Single nucleotide polymorphism microarray
Price on request

The Genome Sciences Core provides SNP interrogation using Illumina Infinium® Assay Technology. 

Submit 20ul of DNA at a concentration of 50 ng/ul.  The sample concentration range for this assay must be kept very tight for optimal clustering and copy number analysis, therefore the concentration listed above is necessary.

The GSC staff will work with investigators to optimize these assays for their specific sample types.


Human Cell Line Authentication

Starting at $36.00 per sample

Please contact for submission requirements. 



Starting at $100.00 per hour
Request a quote for more information about this service.


NovaSeq Sequencing

Price on request

Price range from $1,710-$8,900 depending on flow cell and cycle number. Libraries run on Illumina NovaSeq 6000 Sequencer SP, S1, S2, or S4 Flow cells. Please contact for specific sequencing requirements. Pricing based on individual sequencing requirements. 


Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing

Starting at $140.00 per sample

Library Prep. Sequencing separate cost. Please contact with submission requirements.


16S rRNA Sequencing

Price on request

Complete 16S rRNA service including library preparation, Illumina MiSeq sequencing, and Bioinformatics. Please contact us for sample submission requirements and pricing.


RNA Sequencing

Price on request

The AGTC offers a complete range of RNA Sequencing including 3'-End Seq, Small RNA and Whole Transcriptome. Please contact us for more information.


Global Methylation Analysis

Starting at $360.00 per sample

The Genome Sciences Core provides the following DNA methylation services: - DNA methylation profiling using Illumina Infinium® Assay Technology - Bioinformatics support is available upon request. Sample Requirements: Submit 20 ul of DNA at a concentration of 50ng/ul Note: The GSC staff will work with investigators to optimize these assays for their specific sample types. Extra fee for DNA from FFPE.


SNP Genotyping

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Genotyping
Price on request

SNP Genotyping using Applied Biosystems Taqman SNP Genotyping assays. Pricing based on volume. 

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  • Positive review for Microarray Data Analysis:

    October 2012

    "Working with Daniel and Adele was a great experience - this is the third time I have worked with them and they have consistently provided an excellent and timely service."

  • Positive review for Illumina RNA Microarray:

    September 2012

    "Very efficient and helpful!"

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