Science Exchange, Inc. Commitment to Security

ISO 27001 Framework

Science Exchange is trusted with highly sensitive data from its partners across various industries. To facilitate trust between Science Exchange and its partners, Science Exchange has adapted a comprehensive information security management system (ISMS) that is in line industry best practices and with its partners standards. Science Exchange’s ISMS is based on the ISO 27001 framework. The scope of Science Exchange’s ISMS is exhaustive to meet the standards of ISO 27001 and covers network and server security, network connectivity, authentication and authorization as well as other key areas of ISMS. Implementing a robust ISMS that is based on the ISO 27001 framework has allowed Science Exchange to manage all of its security practices in an efficient and concise manner. Science Exchange’s ISMS is constantly reviewed by its internal team and updated as necessary to meet the ever-changing needs of our partners.

To learn more about our information security policies, please email [email protected].