Science Exchange is leading the way forward for scientific reproducibility. We believe that good experiments can and should be independently replicated and validated.

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Science Exchange connects people seeking replication and validation services with qualified providers in the world’s largest marketplace for experimental services—and recommends tried-and-true replication best practices to ensure your results and reagents are solid.

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Driving reproducibility forward

Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology

Researchers are using Science Exchange to replicate key findings from some of the most important cancer biology studies published from 2010 to 2012.

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Reproducibility Project: Prostate Cancer

The Movember Foundation-Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Reproducibility Initiative is using the Science Exchange marketplace to replicate experiments and find new cures for prostate cancer, faster.

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  Gates Initiative

Funded by the Gates Foundation, 3ie (International Initiative for Impact Evaluation) awarded Science Exchange four grants to validate research on HIV prevention strategies in developing countries.

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  Reagent Validation

Science Exchange independently validates the efficacy of thousands of antibodies and other reagents using expert service providers from the marketplace.

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  Reproducibility Initiative

Science Exchange evaluates projects with the aim of identifying and rewarding high-quality reproducible research.

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The Science Exchange Guarantee

Top foundations and biopharmaceutical companies rely on Science Exchange for consistent, quality experimental services, sourced from the world’s best facilities and institutions.

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